Leafeon Comes to Life in This Amazing Cosplay

Years and years after its premiere, Pokemon is still raiding the homes of fans all over the world. There’s no denying that it’s one of the most popular franchises out there, the appearances of all Pokemon characters spanning from television to videogames. Even more than that, people have begun cosplaying as Pokemon, literally bringing them to life. While Ash, Misty, Brock and their Pokemon were the most featured originally people have taken a liking to the multitude of other Pokemon that the universe has to offer.


Leafeon is an adorable quadruped mammal Pokemon, who has vegetation sticking out of various parts of its body. It’s ears and tail extend upward, looking as if they’re torn and tattered leaves. Though, while some Pokemon like to get into the thick of things, Leafeon is known to be more passive — often times straying from the path of a fight. That doesn’t mean Leafeon wouldn’t be able to take on enemies in a fight, however, as Leaf Guard and Chlorophyll are the abilities it can use to take on enemies.


Seeing as Leafeon is so cute as a Pokemon, it’s not much of a stretch that a cosplayer would want to become Leafeon. MiuMoonlight did just that, and she’s done an amazing job with it. This take on Leafeon has more of a warrior edge to it but still keeps the essence of the Pokemon intact.

Photography by Hubby2k