League of Legends’ Crimson Akali Gets Incredible Cosplay

Akali is one of those characters in League of Legends that often provokes recently-slain enemies to spam how “OP” she is in the chat.  On top of her piercing blades, Akali can place a circular field that allows her to be invisible once she is inside the area, and her ultimate allows her to pounce on enemies to enact powerful attacks.


Akali has been on the League of Legends roster for quite some time now, and as such, has amassed quite a bit of alternate skins.  One of the most popular skin is her Crimson Akali skin, which transforms her usual queen ensemble into a red version. Cosplayer Ashe Cosplay wonderfully cosplays as Crimson Akali.  She looks fierce and ready for battle in typical Akali fashion.



Photography by Focus Felis