League of Legends’ Nidalee is a Bestial Beauty in this Cosplay

Nidalee from League of Legends is a Champion that is highly versatile to suit your individual playstyle. While she might be difficult to grasp control over, she has high sustain, making her perfect for the top lane, while also having powerful magical abilities that can contend with any mage in the mid lane, and her healing and stun abilities can be her a wonderful support.  This makes her a Champion that is great to have on your roster.


Cosplayer Valentina Kryp evokes the jungle maiden in her incredible Nidalee cosplay.  Choosing to sport Nidalee’s classic skin, Valentina has spear in-hand and is ready to fight in the League of Legends.  Be sure to check out Valentina Kryp on Facebook if you love this cosplay as much as we do!

Photography by Azaak