League of Legends Week: ATC’s Elle in Sensuous Nurse Akali Cosplay


Akali is a member of the Kinkou order, one tasked with maintaining balance throughout the world. She has followed in her mother’s footsteps to become the Fist of Shadow. Given the sacred duty of killing those that threaten the balance, she has done many questionable things, but never wavered from her task. With such a focus on the doctrine of the Kinkou she was led to the League of Legends, where she now fights to maintain the equilibrium.


Being a League of Legends champion, Akali has multiple skins to choose from when player her on the Fields of Justice. One of these is Nurse Akali, donned by the magnificent Elle Cosplay. With her long brown hair held back with an old fashioned nurses cap, Elle Cosplay is ready to take down the competition. Strutting her stuff in a racy nurses outfit and white stockings, she is absolutely stunning. Wielding twin kamas with intricite detailing, she is equipped to handle any opponent that comes her way. She even showcases the giant needle featured in Nurse Akali’s splash art.






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