League of Legends Week: ATC’s Elle Ready for Battle as Battle Bunny Riven!


Riven was a Noxian soldier, trained for the glory of battle and victory. She was happy with her life, that is until the day that her troop was surrounded and set upon by Singed. The sole survivor among friend and foe alike, she shattered her blade and exiled herself from the only place she had called home. Vowing to achieve atonement and fix the broken Noxus.


Battle Bunny Riven is a fun, community chosen skin for The Exile. Based off the Playboy Bunnies, she is provocative yet still deadly. ATC’s own Elle Cosplay displays these characteristics with her flawless cosplay. She has the black leotard, purple stockings with the ribbon shoes and the mini tie. With bunny ears, tail and a furry hand, she is ready to kick anyone’s booty who dares to eat her carrots. Speaking of carrots, the carrot belt is totally cute. While her outfit may be adorable, her shattered blade will make you see her power. With green handle and orange blade, this carrot inspired weapon can slice through the toughest of opponents.





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