League of Legends Week Begins with a Magnificent Prestigious LeBlanc Cosplay!

For my next trick, I present the prestigious LeBlanc, joining us all the way from League of Legends. This master of deception, of shadow and flame, will truly astound you. LeBlanc is a powerful magician of the Black Rose guild, known for their subtle crafts and secret ambitions. Prepare to be amazed!


League of Legends is a diverse massive online battle arena. The wide choice of characters and skill types appeals to each individuals play style. The large array of skins for each character adds to the diversity and style of the game, allowing each person to choose their favourite skill type and aesthetic design. LeBlanc prestigious skin displays many elements from classic magicians, such as the iconic top hat.


Fela Cosplay stunning craftsmanship and style, paired with dazzling photo effects, creates a brilliant work of art. The smoky effects really play into the subtle, deceptive magic that LeBlanc uses. Fela’s portrayal of this character is truly prestigious in every way.


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