League of Legends Week: Beware of this Ferocious Headhunter Nidalee Cosplay!


Nidalee, the bestial huntress of League of Legends, is a fearsome opponent. With the ability to hurl spears after fleeing opponents then changing to a cougar to chase down her prey, eluding her grasp is all but impossible. Even when you cannot see Nidalee, her traps can cause massive damage out of the blue. Headhunter Nidalee takes her ferociousness to a higher level with a new set of armor and an upgraded spear.


Fierce cosplayer Ruzira embodies all of Nidalee’s traits, including her feline grace, while in costume. Her facial expressions are spot on. Her poses scream Nidalee. The details really make this cosplay stand out. The skulls adorning the armor are cleanly designed and aged to show wear and tear. The markings on her forehead are precise with no smudges. With such a fine attention to detail right down to the blood smears, you can see the love and effort Ruzira poured into this cosplay. Keep a lookout for this cosplayer, because she is on the hunt to be one of the best. And you cannot stop Nidalee once she has you marked.



Photography by Orange Mochi



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