League of Legends Week: Summer’s Not Over for this Pool Party Jinx Cosplay!

pool-party-jinx-cosplay-1Photography by Вениамин Казаков

This past summer, Riot introduced one of their most loved League of Legends champion: Jinx. It was easy for fans to fall in love with this new champion after their amazing cinematic trailer where we all got to “Get Jinxed” before she hit the game.


Jinx is the perfect blend of crazy, fun, and cute. Many are reminded of Tank Girl because of her wardrobe, petite frame, and insanely large arsenal. Fishbones, flame chompers, and mega death rocket galore! Gamers who love nonstop carnage and explosions will love to play as Jinx.

pool-party-jinx-cosplay-3Photography by Denis Murin

Russian cosplayer Ytka Matilda brings Jinx poolside in her epic Pool Party Jinx cosplay. Sometimes nuances of a character get lost in a reinterpretation of the original source art, but Ytka nails this Jinx swimsuit cosplay. Not only does she keep the extra-long braids and patterned top, but she even brings a gun to the pool. Let’s be honest, Jinx would never be without at least one weapon!




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