Star Wars: Rogue One Cast

Leaked Photos Emerge From the Set of ‘Star Wars Rogue One’

Thanks to TMZ, we have a slew of bird’s-eye-view-photos taken from the set of Star Wars Rogue One. The scene looks like a calamitous crash landing for several Stormtroopers near a bunker that looks like the secret shield generator entrance on Endor, except the surrounding area is desert not woodlands.

The Stormtroopers look as though they may be props, and also like they may be laid over the scene with green screen tech later. It’s hard to know why the field is laid out and colored like it is. One shot looks like Felicity Jones getting her make up touched up in between takes.

The crashed vehicle looks as though it could be a stand in prop for an X-wing or maybe even a Y-wing. But then why would there be Stormtroopers strew around it? Unless the X-wing made a deliberate suicide run.

Any other details you can pick up? Comb through the pics for yourself below! Star Wars Rogue One is poised to tell the tale of a ragtag group of rebels who steal the Empire’s Death Star plans for the rebel alliance, setting the immediate events of Star Wars Episode 4 in motion. It’s schedule for theaters December 2016.