LeBlanc the Deceiver Remains Ageless in Amazing Cosplay


LeBlanc, a mainstay of bursty midlaners with high mobility and fantastic good looks in League of Legends, started her rise to fame as leader of the Black Rose. A band of highly skilled mages, it was once believed they held the true power in Noxus while the aristocracy was leading. When the government militarized Leblanc and her followers mysteriously disappeared, an act that she often performs when escaping from enemies. Later, she turned up at the gates of the Institute of War and enlisted in the League of Legends, looking to further her influence than she ever could remaining in Noxus.


Morgana Cosplay dons the devious mage’s original skin. With the regalia of a high-born woman, she stands, blue hair shimmering and revealing outfit being well, revealing. The belt is well crafted, along with her spot on headpiece and wand. The cape is fabulous with its back standing magnificently. The armor is resplendent. The photo editing brings the magical qualities she possesses to life. Overall, this is one mage whose beauty hides the dark intentions hidden in her heart.



Photography by Sergio Ortega





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