A Legendary League of Legends Fallen Queen Cosplay

She’s a part of a race of graceful beings gifted with wings and the ability to fly, and also, the sister of the enemy army’s general. Not to mention, she has some of the fiercest skins in the universe of the highly addictive massive multiplayer online role playing game. Want to hazard a guess at who she is? This is Morgana we are talking about. Not only did she fight against her perfection of the tyranny of her people, but she made a deal with the League’s summoner to fight in exchange for greater power.

“Share my torment!”, you will hear her say. “Not all angels are good!”. With Kayle being apart of the League, Morgana fights with the League for the opportunity to destroy her sister Kayle over and over again. “There is no rest while…tyranny still exists”, she says. She awaits the day the bonds of the Institute of War are relieved from her, and will ultimately destroy Kayle, once and for all. On that day, she will also return to her home a hero.


One of the many beauties of League of Legends is the variety of skins for each champion to choose from, allowing cosplayers alike to explore many different aesthetics of their favourite champion. Morgana is a popular choice among cosplayers, with many beautiful and fierce skins such as the Exile and Blade Mistress Skin to the Ghost Bride and even the Blackthorn skin, as brought to life by Nereide cosplay. A French cosplayer who has only been making cosplays for a little less than a year, she shows absolute dedication to the craft in her Morgana cosplay. Everything from the shape and colour of the outfit, to the statement piece wings. As a cosplayer myself, I find myself attracted to large pieces that leave you wondering how they are being held up, how long it takes to make, the materials used and even the weight of the piece. It’s a mystery. This is one of those cosplays that leave you in awe of the work put into it and how well the executed character is brought to life. This Morgana cosplay is one of those and is absolutely legendary!




Photography by Kaicom