Leoric Comes to Wreak Havoc in Newest Heroes of the Storm Video

Another mad king makes his debut in Heroes of the Storm; Blizzard has announced that Leoric, the Skeleton King from Diablo III joins other combatants in the Nexus as the newest hero in the popular Blizzard game, Heroes of the Storm.

According to the developer, “Leoric plays as a heavy hitting warrior who can haunt the battleground after death.” His most signature trait is that even after death, he can remain on the battlefield as a ghost, and haunt enemy heroes until he is self-resurrected. Leoric is a strong melee champion with a wide arsenal of abilities including a slow, self-heal and short-ranged teleportation. If you are skilled enough to take him down, he lingers on the battlefield as a ghost; as a ghost, he has the powers to move around and hinder other heroes without a physical form.

A release date for Leoric has not yet been announced, but according to Blizzard, he will be coming “soon.” To see Leoric in action, check out the gameplay video below.




Written by Guest Contributor: 7am