Let’s Play in the Rain with This Amazing Laughing Octopus Cosplay

Metal Gear Solid 4 is based in 2014 when the world is in complete crisis with a “war economy” going on, ensuing a never-ending battle. One of its characters is the Laughing Octopus, also known as the Devil’s Child. She is mentally unstable and prone to mood swings, with her random outbursts of manic laughter inspiring her name.

Laughing Octopus was born in a small Scandinavian seaside village also known as the Devil’s Village, where a cult had developed a lot of hatred when she was young. When she became a teenager, the cult had grown so big it built up enough heavy weaponry to launch an overnight assault on the town. They ended it by gathering the survivors and executing them one by one. She was one of the few who had her life spared, but she was forced to participate in the torturing of her family and friends.  To add to the horror, she had to act as if she was enjoying it and laugh it up. She watched her entire family get massacred, and the incident left her mind broken beyond repair.

Laughing Octopus Cosplay 2

She was then recruited by Beauty and the Beast Unit, and was urged that killing Solid Snake would repair her broken mind and would be rid of pain, fury and sorrow. She was fitted with an OctoCamo suit, which had a tentacle-bearing helmet. Without the helmet she is a beautiful woman.  Laughing Octopus is cosplayed here in these stunning photos by the amazing Narga-Lifestream. They are shot in a wet room, and really bring her to life. The costume itself is constructed so well, with different types of materials, the wig is stunningly cut, and suits her striking eyes and face. You can almost feel her painful memories, when we see her curled tightly on the cold wet floor.



For more of Narga’s cosplays, visit her DeviantArt page.
Photography by Arwen Photo.

Written by Guest Contributor: AlienQueen