Ling Xiaoyu Cosplay is Spunky and Adorable

Ling Xiaoyu was first introduced in the Tekken fighting series in Tekken 3. A teenager with a dream of owning an amusement park, she is a skilled martial artist. Trained from a young age in various styles, she breaks into the Mishima family yacht and demands to have her perfect amusement park built. Instead of just handing her the money, the CEO Heihachi tells her if she wins a tournament he will build her one. Entering the various tournaments intent on winning, her dream still has not been achieved. Learning of various plots and eventually the death of Heihachi, Lin Xiaoyu’s focus shifts throughout the series to the Mishima family’s well being.


Strutting various outfits in Tekken 5, cosplayer Riri リリ dons Ling Xiaoyu’s player 4 outfit. Super cute with a panda theme, Riri does an amazing job of creating her costume. The white two piece outfit is adorned with fluffy black shoulder pads, a beaded belt around her waist, and fun emoji badges with white pom poms hanging from her skirt. Black gloves with fuzzy trim and matching socks, pink boots, and a pink rose choker complete the look. Various poses bring this fun and feisty fighter to life.


Photography by The Will Box