Ling Xiaoyu Travels Back in Time in Amazing Cosplay


Ling Xiaoyu was first introduced to the Tekken fighting series in Tekken 3. A young girl, her dream is to win enough money from fighting tournaments to build the very best amusement park in China. No longer depending on others to fulfill her dreams, she grows into her independence. A spirited fighter, she is an impressive opponent despite her small stature and young age. Learning of heart-breaking information, she enters another tournament to win the ability to travel back in time and change the past.


Cosplayer Nana Hirano dons the fighting outfit of Ling Xiaoyu from Tekken 5. Comprised of pink, white and black, she brings the young fighter to life. Her hair is pulled back into two ponytails and bound with pink bands, she wears matching pink bracelets and pink shoes with ribbons wound up her legs. Black embellished white shorts are worn under a ravishing pink top. The shoulders are embellished with white and black feathers. A pink and gold flower pattern adorns the front of the top. Extra captures the various fighting poses Nana Hirano strikes, showcasing the minute details of the costume as well as the personality of the character.



Photography by Rafael Arevalo



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