Lollipops Are Good for Your Health Indeed!: A Juliet Starling Cosplay!

Lollipop Chainsaw’s Juliet Starling is far from your average popular high school cheerleader. Blonde-haired and peppy, Juliet not only kicks some serious butt after the demise of the world through a zombie apocalypse, but she does so in flashy style. Wielding her unique weapon of choice, a chainsaw with cute little hearts carved in it, Juliet is not afraid to leap over the shoulders of those trying to eat her brains, and saw through theirs instead.

juliet-cosplay-2Although Juliet is beautiful and able to have any boy at Romero High that she so chooses, she remains loyal to her boyfriend, Nick, even after he becomes merely a head attached to her belt. Completely in love, Juliet and Nick go through their terrorized town together, constantly by each others’ side- quite literally. Juliet is talented and a brave fighter, and when she needs a little pick-me-up all she needs to do is add a little sugar to her system through the tasty lollipops that she keeps on hand and she is ready to get back into the action.juliet-cosplay-3Juliet has been a popular choice for cosplayers recently, with a large amount of people trying to accurately portray the spunky cheerleader. Some have evoked their inner Juliet quite properly, and one of these cosplayers is the amazing Jessica Jane. With a supply of lollipops and chainsaw in tow, Jessica is ready to demolish some zombies, Juliet style!



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Photography by Kaley Weller.