Lose Your Head Over This Queen of Hearts Cosplay

The world was first introduced to the craziness that is The Queen of Hearts in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, a book by Lewis Carroll published in 1865. In 1951, Disney made Alice in Wonderland, a movie that borrows from both Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, the other book written by Lewis Carroll with Alice as the protagonist. The main antagonist of the movie is the Queen of Hearts. A crazy woman, most famously known for wanting everything to be red. Alice is put to trial by the Queen of Hearts, but eventually ends up fleeing the trial and waking up from her dream.


The Queen of Hearts shows up several times in Kingdom Hearts games. In the first game she wasn’t exactly evil, although her and her Card Soldiers were boss fights. You could call her misguided and stubborn, but not evil, like some of the others villains in the game. The Queen tries to decapitate Alice, but Sora and his friends intervene and try to convince her of Alice’s innocence, but it fails as after all that hard work of trying to find evidence to prove her innocence, Alice is kidnapped. Ultimately the Queen calls for a ceasefire so she can find the lost Alice. In other games she loses her memory a few times, always accusing one of our heroes of being the thief.


This cosplay is done by Rei-Doll and features a wonderful interpretation of the Queen of Hearts. The stunning attention to detail blows you away, and she manages to capture evil, beautiful and slightly crazy at the same time. You can find more of Rei-Doll on her deviantART page.

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Written by Guest Contributor: Deekay