A Lucrezia Borgia Cosplay That Will Bring The House Down

The Assassin’s Creed games have to be one of the most popular and admired series of the current gaming generation. With its playable open world and enchanting characters, it is not surprising that people bond with Assassins Creed like they do.

In Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Ezio Auditore continues his story and tries to rebuild the Assassins Brotherhood in Rome. After becoming newly renowned he attempts to bring the city into a new state of prosperity while defeating the repressive Borgia families. Rome is ruled by the Head of the Catholic Church Rodrigo Borgia and his son Cesare, who controls the Papal Army. By their side stands Lucrezia, Cesare’s younger sister and supposed lover.


She was a fierce woman who was never afraid to shun and offend her enemies openly. She also never feared to use brutality for her own political and social gain. Even though she had a hard exterior, it was only noticed by a few, that she did have a softer side and loved her son enormously.

Here Lucrecia, a Russian cosplayer, showcases Lucrezia off flawlessly. Her dress looks impeccable and accessories are of a high standard. Her posture and stare gives off a serious and intense look, betraying Lucrezia off to perfection. Her attention to detail is plain to see and you can undoubtedly see how much effort and passion she has put into her cosplay.


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