Lulu Goes for a Refreshing Swim in Fun Cosplay


Lulu from Final Fantasy X is known for her dark makeup, long braids and intricate dress. A mentor and protector of Summoner Yuna, she often acts as a big sister, doling advice and shaking her head in concern throughout the game. Many times she butts heads with the other, more outgoing and reckless individuals of the team, her realistic look on matters keeps everyone grounded. With access to a wide range of black magic abilities through the use of cute dolls, such as a moogle doll, she is a strong opponent.


FeldonCosplay takes a spin on Lulu and creates a sexy bathing suit. Sticking to the black color palette, the bathing suit has multiple strips through the middle, calling back the belted design in the front of Lulu’s dress. With Lulu’s long braids hanging into the water and her red eyes and purple lips, FeldonCosplay brings out the hidden fun nature of the character. Frolicking in the water, she is seductive, but still powerful. Riamux captures the fantasy nature with the clear blue water and island in the background, along with showcasing FeldonCosplay’s talent in costume design and character portrayal.



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