Lulu the Fae Yordle Cosplay from League of Legends is Fantastic

lulu-cosplay-1Photography by Visual Remix

Many would agree that Lulu is one of the most happy-go-lucky champions in all of League of Legends. With her delightful giggle and glitter charged attacks, she is a playful character to choose to fight against your enemies. While some may overlook her due to her small demeanor, she is not to be underestimated. With the aid of her fae companion, Pix, she brings massive amounts of utility to any team composition.

lulu-cosplay-2Photography by Jeremiah Seymour

Cosplayer Pizoobie has recreated Lulu’s original skin marvelously. The dress is well executed, showcasing clean lines and an attention to detail. The oversized hat rests atop Pizoobie’s wavy purple hair. Again, the craftsmanship is remarkable, with the hat’s proportion to the rest of her being right as well as the details. The marvelous piece is Lulu’s wooden staff. Adorned with shimmering flowers reminiscent of Pix and coinciding with Lulu’s color scheme, it adds that magical feel to the photos. Pizoobie’s amazingly created cosplay and infectious laugh makes it seem as if Lulu has just come from playing with Pix in the Glade.