Luna Transforms into a Beautiful Woman in this Epic Cosplay

luna-cosplay-1Photo by MCK2 Photography

Fans of the anime series Sailor Moon are familiar with Luna as a cute black cat who is slightly naggy with a crescent moon on her forehead. Though, not many are aware that Luna can take on a human form, prevalently in the manga series, during times of crisis.


Although her roles in the anime and manga tend to vary, deep down Luna is there to guide Usagi through the tough task of taking on the Negaverse. Searching for the Moon Princess, Luna aids Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Shenshi by occasionally giving them cool gadgets and teaching them how to reach their full potential, truly a bit of a mother hen.


Dolly Love Cosplay shows that even a mother hen like Luna can be seductive, in a sexy lingerie inspired costume. Her two piece ensemble makes things fresh and shakes up the outfit in a younger way while still staying true to the character. The extra star embellishments add a cute factor that really brings Luna to the next level.  By pairing up with two great photographers and self-editing all of her photos, Dolly has created images that are awe-worthy.

luna-cosplay-4Photography by D. Brooks Photo82


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Written by Guest Contributor: Erica