Magic: the Gathering Nissa Revane Gets Fiercely Beautiful Cosplay


Magic: the Gathering is an incredibly long-standing franchise.  Many of us can remember getting together with a group of friends when we were mere children to show off our fresh new cards. Magic: the Gathering started off as a card game but it evolved throughout the years. There is now a new Magic: the Gathering video game releasing each year.  MtG is quite addicting and has surely grown itself a large fanbase over all of these years.  Even though MtG is such a well-known franchise, we don’t see as many cosplays of the game’s characters as we would hope.


Cosplayer Jade, AKA Porcupine Design, changed that however, as she created an incredibly stunning cosplay of the game’s gorgeous elf mage, Nissa Revane.  Sporting Nissa’s green flowy garment, long brown braided hair, and pointy elf ears, Jade looks as if she stepped directly off the trading card itself.  Her smoldering green eyes are absolutely striking and seem as if they are piercing into your soul, making this cosplay pure perfection.  Jade’s Nissa Revane cosplay makes us hopeful that other cosplayers will be inspired by her beautiful creation and will do the same with their favorite Magic: the Gathering characters.