Magnificent Cosplay of the Beautiful Princess of Atlantis, Kida

In 2001, when the good majority of us were still wee ones, Disney released an animated sci-fi film that would place itself on the top shelf of our “favourite movies that hold a special place in our hearts”. Over the years, there have been many films and other various adaptations based on the mystery of Atlantis but as children, not a lot of those were even remotely appealing as they weren’t, you know, animated, had crazy weapons for submarine warfare and characters that had hilarious one liners, like references to using kitchen spices in bombs and grenades. This film was Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

Appearing at the start of the film was a famous quote from the classical Greek philosopher and student of Socrates, Plato, quite simply outlining the mystery of the Island of Atlantis; “…in a single day and night of misfortune, the Island of Atlantis disappeared into the sea…”.


Centuries ago, an accidental weapons discharge would cause a titanic tsunami that threatened to annihilate the capital city of Atlantis. The giant crystal that powers the city, known as the Heart of Atlantis, calls upon the Queen and pulls her up so that they would be bonded in order to save the city. Her young daughter, Kidagakash or Kida, watches in tears before her father, King Kashekim Nedakh, covers her eyes. The power of the crystal creates a protective barrier around the center of the city, keeping it from being destroyed by the tsunami. However, it also results in the city being buried beneath the subsiding waters.



Fast forward to 1914 where Milo Thatch, a linguist and cartography extraordinaire is preparing a presentation at the Smithsonian Museum on the lost continent of Atlantis and eventually goes on an expedition to the submerged continent and meets Kida. Like all Atlanteans, Kida has white hair and dark skin. She has blue-colored tattoos (which represent teardrops), which appear to change slightly after she becomes Queen, and large blue eyes. She also wears a shard of the crystal around her neck. As a princess, she wears only a simple blue bikini, the bottoms are covered with sarong type skirt and she goes around barefoot, but changes into more elaborate clothing and obtains sandals after becoming Queen.



With the power of the Atlantean crystal, Kida and the other Atlanteans are given abnormally long lives. She is also a warrior princess, making her strong and very skilled at combat. It is mentioned that several thousand years ago, Kida would have killed outsiders on sight. By the present time, however, Kida has become so curious about Atlantis’s past that she is willing to let in outsiders with the hope that they could help her rediscover Atlantis’s history, even as far as taking a liking to Milo.



Seeing someone bring to life a Disney character, whether they are a hero or villain, king or queen, is really something special. They go to so much efforts to bring this character to life and looking like they just jumped off the television screen. Ukrainian cosplay Faiko2011 is a really REALLY talented and devoted cosplayer, having crafted superb cosplays from Hellsing, Code Geass, Lamento, and even her Princess Kida cosplay from Atlantis: The Lost Empire. She’s put together such a fantastic cosplay of the Atlantean warrior princess and has all the details down pat. It’s simple, and gorgeous and SUPER EFFECTIVE!


Photography by Kei.


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