Mai Shiranui Cosplay Fights for Andy’s Heart

Mai Shiranui is a female ninja, fighting using the Shiranui-ryuu style of ninjutsu. First introduced 1992 in Fatal Fury 2, she was the series first female playable fighter. Modeled after kunoichi who use their feminine charms to seduce their enemies before assassinating them, her revealing clothing and large proportions make her SNK’s sexy female icon. Harnessing the power of fire in her fighting style, she uses paper fans as her main weapon, along with pieces of her clothing, to defeat her enemies.


Cosplayer Plu Moon slips into Mai’s red and white shinobi dress in this sexy cosplay. Her long brown hair is tied back with a white ribbon. Her dress is flawless in its creation, perfectly representing Mai’s costume. Long red and white tails ending in large balls flow off the back of her dress. Black socks, red and white sandals, and black wristbands finish off the costume. Fun and seductive poses in with bamboo paneling really bring Mai to life.

mai-shiranui-cosplay-1 mai-shiranui-cosplay-3

Photography by Tenchi Muyou