Maid of Might is Steaming Up as Sailor Venus

Photography by Costographer

The entire genre of Steampunk has fascinated me ever since I learned about it during Comic Con 2011. I have been so entirely intrigued by the beautiful designs and vintage looks. Corsets have always been a staple in my own cosplay and Steampunk costumes feature them and so much more! What I love even more is Steampunk costumes inspired by my favorite characters from Sailor Scouts to Disney Princesses these amazing mashups mean so much to me as a cosplayer.

Maid of Might Cosplay has definitely got many steam engines going with her absolutely fantastic Steampunk Sailor Venus. This steampunk inspired version of the costume features an amazing underbust corset with beautiful details. The bustled skirt is true to SteampSaiunk fashion and the choker around her neck ties the entire outfit together.

steampunk-sailor-venus-cosplay-2Photography by Project Bokeh Photography

Not only has Maid of Might Cosplay conquered her Steampunk Sailor Venus costume but she teamed up with a group of amazing cosplayers to bring more Steampunk Sailor Soldiers to life. The entire group looked fantastic and created wonderful Steampunk inspired looks. To learn more about her fellow Sailor Soldiers and Maid of Might Cosplay follow her on Facebook.




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Written by Guest Contributor: NerdgirlBritt