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Maisie Williams Still Likely to Play Ellie in The Last of Us Movie

I don’t know if this should go under Games, for the source material, TV for Maisie’s previous fame or Movies because it’s going to be a movie. Whatever. It’s Epic, so it’s here.

Many a nerd were excited to hear that the darling Badass of Game of Thrones Arya Stark, Maisie Williams could be bringing the confident, capable Ellie from The Last of Us to life on the Big Screen.

According to Maisie herself, that is still looking likely.

“There was a whole thing that went on Twitter [of fans suggesting me for the role],” she explained. I didn’t know a lot about [the game]. I Googled it. Ashley Johnson — who did Ellie’s voice — [fans] asked her what she thought of me and she said, ‘That’s pretty much my dream.’ I don’t follow her but I was silently stalking her wondering what she thought of all this.”

Maisie continues about how she met with and discussed the role with producer Sam Raimi and original game director Neil Druckmann, that she had ultimately turned down moderating a Comic Con panel for the movie since she had not done enough home work on the game but that both she and the crew would like her to play the part.

Druckmann had previously stated that The Last of Us movie would be a straight adaptation of the game rather than an original story. I’m excited to see Maisie Williams play Ellie all the same!

Source:  IGN