Make Blood Splatter with this Yuno Gasai Wolf Yuno Cosplay

Some of you may remember our feature this summer about the adorably dangerous Yuno Gasai from the must see anime, Future Diary. For those of you who have been too busy or too preoccupied with other shows to dedicate what little free time you have to checking out another show, perhaps this is a great time to remind everyone just how epic it is. After all, with all the super cheap holiday deals going on, it would be a wonderful addition to your holiday wish list! With so many animes out there, it can be a bit overwhelming to try and find a new one that appeals to your liking. That is why we love finding great cosplays from incredible games, movies, animes, and mangas to show you.

Yuno Gasai Wolf Yuno Cosplay


So, what makes Future Diary awesome enough to add to your holiday wish list? In a messy survival game between 12 contestants, each person must use their unique diaries to read into their future in order to survive against all odds to earn the title of the next God of Time and Space. Young Yuno Gasai is almost bipolar, as she can be super sweet and even a bit shy for the most part until she is faced with conflict that threatens her or her beloved crush, Yukiteru. One moment she is giggling like a little school girl, and the next she has a thirst for blood that cannot be stopped until she has eliminated whoever has threatened to harm her or her darling Yukiteru.


Cosplayer Witchiko has published some beautifully morbid photos of Yuno that have captured the glorious bipolar personality that Yuno constantly demonstrates throughout the show. Here you can see her original idea on Yuno’s character where she has added a wolf form. We love original concepts for characters, because it really challenges fans to think more in-depth about the character. While Yuno does not actually have a wolf form in the show, there is a great deal of symbolism that can be linked between her dedication and loyalty to protect her love, Yukiteru, as wolves have long been thought to be wonderful protectors and masters of destruction. By adding pink fuzzy ears and top that match her adorable pink hair, in addition to incorporating a bloody heart that she must sink her teeth into, Witchiko has created a wonderful concept that was brought to life with the help of photographer, And Yamasaki, who used hues of red and blue to contrast each other on a blood splattered set.


With so many shows coming to an end, many of you will have more time to spend watching new shows and conquering the towers of games that you have occurred over the last few months. While you cannot stream Future Diary off of Crunchyroll or Netflix, you can get the first season for around thirty bucks right now. You certainly wouldn’t want Witchiko to use her future diary to hunt you down in her wolf form for not watching her favorite anime!


 Written by Guest Contributor: Domoshimi