Make the Dead Rise with Diablo III Witch Doctor Cosplay

Diablo III is a dungeon crawler filled with wonder.  With vastly differing characters to play as and a multitude of areas to explore, fans of the series are able to play this expansive game for hours on end.  One of the characters in Diablo III, the Witch Doctor, is particularly unique, as they are able to make the dead rise and fight at their side.


Cosplayer Andy Rae expertly becomes a Witch Doctor in her wonderfully created cosplay that truly pays homage to the Blizzard series that has caused us severe addiction.  The main attraction to this cosplay is her mask, which Andy has intricately detailed in a way that is signature to the Witch Doctor.  To see more, visit Andy Rae’s Facebook page.

Photography by Saffels Photography and ZRB Photography