Maki Nishikino Gets Lusty in Love Live! School Idol Project Cosplay

Spunky and determined, Honoka decided to become a School Idol in order to prevent her school from closing down.  Inspired by her steadfast personality, multiple other students decide to join up with Honoka to create the School Idol group, Muse.  In Love Live! School Idol Project, group member Maki is known for being the most musical.  She is able to compose music and is an incredibly talented singer, making her a valued member of the group.


Adorable cosplayer KiaraBerry cosplays Maki in bunny outfit form to create a cosplay that adds a bit of lust to Maki’s tsundere personality that we have grown to love.  KiaraBerry looks gorgeous as Maki, making another wonderful addition to the numerous jaw-dropping cosplays that KiaraBerry has created.



Photography by dizzymonogatari