Maleficent Cosplay Casts a Beautiful Curse

Maleficent first graced theaters in 1959 with Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. Seen as an evil witch who cursed the young princess after not being invited to the Christening, Maleficent was a villain among villains. Not much of her back story was known, however, until 2014 when the live-action movie Maleficent hit theaters. A fairy who befriended a human boy, she was betrayed by the one she thought she loved, her wings taken in exchange for the kingdom. This boy grew into Aurora’s father, who drew Maleficent’s spite to his whole family, resulting in the curse placed upon the babe.


Mysteria Violent perfectly captures the haunted yet powerful look in her Maleficent cosplay. The horns are stunning, crafted perfectly and appearing to grow from her skull. Wearing a black dress and cape combo with a fur collar, she walks around the woods with her wooden staff. The posing is amazing, showing off both Maleficent’s elegance and dignity, as well as exuding her mysteriousness.

maleficent-cosplay-3 maleficent-cosplay-1

Photography by Dietrih