Malfurion and Tyrande Are a Dynamic Duo in This Amazing Cosplay

World of Warcraft has been a highly acclaimed title since it’s release almost eleven years ago. Players have been flocking to MMORPG since and it’s not as if anyone can blame them. With lore that fans can fall in love with and characters that one can grow attached to, World of Warcraft has something to offer every type of gamer. Whether you’re down to do a dungeon or enjoy the quirkiness around you — like being able to throw some sick dance moves at strangers. Through the ample amount of characters gamers have grown attached to it seems that Malfurion and Tyrande are amongst the top ranks — not to anyone’s surprise.


Malfurion Stormrage more commonly known as shan’do — which means honored instructor, was the first night elf druid. Loyalty is a trait not unfamiliar to him as he was one of the most dedicated of Cenarius’ disciples. He was also the first to notice that the queen he was so loyal too seem to distance herself from her people — causing suspicion within him. Tyrande Whisperwind, on the other hand, is a high priestess of Elune, and serves as a support hero. She’s no stranger to using fear to manipulate those around her — being both deadly and cunning.


Some might not imagine such a pairing together, but when cosplay is involved pairings are created that most might not think to put together. Malfurion and Tyrande come together in this beautifully stunning cosplay done by a pair of talented people. Lightning Cosplay has taken these characters that were once nothing more than pixels and adapted them to the real world, giving the illusion that they truly live and breathe. The work is absolutely breathtaking and one can’t help but admire work that has been so brilliantly done.

Photography by Martin Hola