Mario Easter Egg Appears in Dying Light

Just yesterday, we revealed that Dying Light has reached over a million players in its launch week alone. Certainly, this newly-released survival horror game has been extremely popular.  While it might seem like an insane idea, why not combine this popular game with another highly popular game to create something so ridiculous and unexpected?  Well, that’s just what happened when Techland decided to include a Mario easter egg hidden in the terrifying depths of Dying Light.

Arekkz Gaming posted a video on their YouTube channel detailing how to find this absurd yet awesome easter egg, which of coruse requires you to transport through a green tunnel.  The easter egg then places you in an ominous version of the first level of Super Mario Bros., and features a disturbing Goomba-zombie hybrid.

Check out the Mario easter egg hidden within Dying Light yourself by checking out the video below!