Mario Party 10 Video Shows Off New Boo Burglars Minigame

A new gameplay video for the upcoming Wii-U exclusive party game Mario Party 10 has been released that shows off a new mini-game in the form of Boo Burglars. The new mini-game is a team game in which two teams of players face off to see who can catch the one Boo in a group of three that holds a diamond. One player has to shine a light on the Boo to stun it and the other player must then catch it. It reminds me very much of the Luigi’s mansion mini-game in Nintendo land, or just the Luigi’s Mansion series in general.

It was also recently announced that Mario Party 10 will be receiving its own set of Amiibo’s with a Walmart exclusive Gold Mario Amiibo. Nintendo certainly must have seen the popularity of the Amiibo’s with Smash Bros. so I think you can expect to see a ton of games getting Amiibo sets in the future. Mario Party 10 will be launching on March 10th as a Wii U exclusive.






Written by Guest Contributor: Reagan Cox