Mario Party Is Coming To Japanese Arcades

No, you didn’t read that headline wrong. Mario Party, the notorious Nintendo franchise known for its swear generating, rage inducing, friendship ruining random events and minigames, is coming to an arcade near you in the form of Mario Party Mysterious Challenge World. Assuming of course, you live in Japan.

Players take control of one of six available characters as they compete with five other friends or random strangers to compete in a variety of minigames, ranging to simple puzzle games to shooting targets. Not much is known about the game other than that it’s set to debut at the Japan Amusement Expo in Chiba this February, with a nationwide release later this summer, though there is a website that you can look at that just went live, which will hopefully be updated soon.

No word yet on whether this game will make it stateside, though based on the fact that arcades aren’t as popular here in the West as they are in Japan and the fact that Mario Party isn’t that popular of a series, the chances of us getting this over here are slim. The good news is that unlike previous console entries in the series,  Capcom are the ones in charge of developing the game, so maybe some fresh blood is what the series needs.