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Mark Gatiss Returns for Season 5 of ‘Game of Thrones’

Game of Thrones is filming its upcoming fifth season in Croatia, and Mark Gatiss is reprising his role of Tycho Nestoris. With Tywin out of the picture, all eyes will be on Tyrion, Cersei and Jamie to see how they will react.

Gatiss made his initial appearance in “The Laws of Gods and Men” where he had agreed to fund Stannis Baratheon’s war to take the Iron Throne. But with the Lannisters in control and owing the Iron Bank a whole lot of gold, Nestoris could be back to take what is his.

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Gatiss has had a busy couple of months, with even more to follow. He will be on set in Croatia for Game of Thrones sometime next week; he has also appeared on Doctor Who and Sherlock.

Game of Thrones has proven to be one of HBO’s most popular series to date. Filming will take another three to four months and we should expect season five to premiere in March or April next year.

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Source: EW