Marvel Moves to Subpoena Google for “Age of Ultron” Leaker

Marvel obviously doesn’t want to deal with any more footage from any of their movies going public before they are ready. According to an exclusive report from THR, Marvel has taken to a California Federal Court in order to acquire any identifying information associated with the IP address of whoever leaked the “Age of Ultron” teaser trailer back in October.

Disney lawyers already had Google shut down the trailer leak at that time, under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. This new legal recourse seems preventative as well as responsive.

As someone who hates being spoiled, and who likes laws protecting IPs and copyright I could totally understand Marvel and Disney’s actions. The “Age of Ultron” trailer was only released one week ahead of schedule, and it was going to be released. I would be very disappointed if somehow the ending of the film got spoiled for the public. Let Marvel handle their prerelease campaign how they want. They seem to be good at it anyway.

Avengers Age of Ultron Trailer Released Early Following Leak

Below is a copy of the declaration of subpoena for information on the copyright infringer, filed in Court by Matthew Slatoff, executive director of global security and content protection at Marvel. Check out a document from the legal side of the entertainment world for your edification.