Marvel Villainess Silver Fox Gets a Stunning Cosplay Rendition!

Marvel has created a great number of vicious, strong, and beautiful comic book babes. From Phoenix to Elektra, these women impress and show audiences that women can not only be feminine, but can absolutely destroy the worlds of those who oppose them. Former government operative Silver Fox is no exception.

Like popular tradition, Silver Fox comes from a tragic background. Having fallen in love with the “man” we now know as Wolverine, who was a member of the Blackfoot Indian tribe in which she was a part of, she was heartbroken after he left her for dead after being assaulted by the town lunatic, Sabretooth. Upon leaving the tribe and joining the government’s Team X weapons program, she was reunited with both Wolverine and Sabretooth, yet the government had wiped their minds clear of all memory. After this procedure, the once loving, kind-hearted Silver Fox’s brain waves shifted and she completely changed teams, joining up with the terrorist squad, Hydra. After a great deal of murderous rampages and assassinations, Wolverine and Sabretooth eventually caught up with Silver Fox and exacted her demise, forcing Wolverine to bury the woman that he once loved.

One cosplayer, Constantine, did a spot-on recreation of Silver Fox, bringing her back from the dead in superb fashion. With her bodysuit, cape, boots, and heavy artillery, Constantine’s Silver Fox is the perfect realization of what the Marvel villain once was.



To see more of Constantine, visit her Twitter page.

All photos by Geri Kramer Photography.