A Masterfully Done Cosplay of Omega’s Pirate Queen, Aria T’Loak

Mass Effect – though centered on a human by the name of Commander Shepard, is sprinkled with various alien races. In the universe that BioWare has beautifully created there are Turians, Drell, Elcor, Hanar, Quarians, Volus, and the Reapers – the human race’s biggest threat. There are many races peppered throughout the Citadel, and various planets Shepard and his/her crew venture to. In Mass Effect 2, players are taken to Omega, constructed of a hollowed-out metallic asteroid, which harbors criminals, terrorists, and those who possess more than a touch of a rebellious streak. It’s on Omega’s nightclub, Afterlife, that players first encounter Aria T’Loak, the self-proclaimed ruler of Omega.


When it comes to the Asari, most are generally scared of the Ardat Yakshi – a string of Asari with a rare genetic mutation that flares during mating and causes brain hemorrhaging, but Aria T’Loak is a force to be reckoned with all her own. Originally, Aria came to Omega and became a dancer at Afterlife. Of course, this was just a rouse, and Aria T’Loak killed the former owner of Afterlife and claimed it as her own. The Asari woman seems incapable of taking crap from anyone, and is unafraid of showing her blunt attitude.


Crafting a cosplay that is believable enough to come across as an Asari, and especially Aria T’Loak is not an easy feat. Crafting the headpiece alone would take skill, and the finer details is really what matters. Cosplayer/model Yond and cosmaker/photographer love-squad have done an excellent job with taking the parts of Aria T’Loak that matter – such as the outfit, and stern looks, and put them together in a way that really brings Aria T’Loak’s character to life.




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