Meet the Beautiful Great Pirate Captain Liliana in a Lovely Cosplay


Meet the Great Pirate Captain Liliana, a scoundrel with the grace of a noble. Liliana sails the seas bound only by the “Pirate Aesthetics” as written by her grandmother, the Pirate Queen Artemis. She gets her pirating job done, but she respects her elders while she does!


Like any good pirate, Liliana has a fantastic wardrobe. Her pirate hat has some girly flair with pink frills that carry throughout her outfit on her jacket and skirt. She has some killer boots, a red crop top, and a pirate belt complete with a ship’s wheel as the belt buckle.


Italian cosplayer Perla, known as Yuki No Hana on Facebook and deviantART, brings us a beautiful Captain Liliana cosplay. She nails all the details from the pink frills to the pirate belt buckle. Perla has several beautiful cosplays, predominately from animes. She has been cosplaying for several years and her experience shows in her cosplays. Go check out her page for some epically beautiful cosplays!

Photography by Christian Pompeo and Diz Photography



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