Mega Man X is a Mega Babe in This Blast from the Past Inspired Cosplay

Everyone remembers their favorite half dude, half robot Mega Man X from back in the day. Most of us gamers probably got down with Mega Man X and his adventures on the Super Nintendo — or you’ve somehow managed to get a simulator on your computer to play it now. Just saying Mega Man tends to bring back a lot of nostalgia and memories, especially since the game dates back to 1993. Memories are a powerful thing, however, as people still talk about the Mega Man series to this day, twenty three years later.

And why might that be? Well, a lot of it probably has to do with the sheer fun people had while playing the titles. Using your X-Buster to kill of enemies, melee attacks, or the various other weapon variants to destroy your enemies was — quite literally, a blast. Throw in a character that you couldn’t help but love and enemies that you loved to hate, and you’ve got quite the enjoyable game right at your fingertips. It’s hard to resist something so masterfully put together and that’s probably why Mega Man and Mega Man X still continue to receive so much love.


There are quite a few adaptations within the gaming world when it comes to Mega Man but when you bring cosplay into the mix it seems that there are even more. Some have even taken to turning Mega Man into a Mega Woman and the results have been pretty… cheeky.

MolecularAgatha is one of the few who has taken this iconic super robot hero and has twisted him ever so slightly, turning him into a her — and giving fans of the series a creative take on what could have been. Instead of full armor, this babe dons an armor romper, of sorts, and shows off her assets well. Though the true stars of this cosplay have to be Mega Man X’s iconic helmet and X-Buster which have lovely detail on them. While it might not be the Mega Man X some fans might have imagined, this is the Mega Woman X we all deserve.


Photography by Daniel Oviedo, Ronald Arias, and Chia Long Lin