Meow! Rei Ayanami is a Kitten in This Amazing Cosplay!

Photo by Photosassin

Some might think of Angels as holy and unable harm, but Neon Genesis Evangelion has turned their version of Angels into something else. The premise of the anime is based around the fact that “Angels” are attacking, and pilots must fight against them. A fourteen year old boy named Shinji Ikari must pilot an Evangelion Unit-01 to try and stop them. Unfortunately, the boy finds out that he’s actually just a pawn of his father, and the true nature of NERV, the Evangelions and the Angels are later revealed. It’s during this time that Shinji Ikari joins with two others in order to become the last hope in fighting against the Angels.



Photo by D.I.S/C Photography

One of the two people he joins with is Rei Ayanami, who ends up serving as a main protagonist for the title and pilots the Evangelion Unit-00. Rei makes an appearance right from the beginning, viewers first seeing the girl while injured. It’s after she heals from her injuries that Rei Ayanami insists on helping Shinji out and helps in their fight against the Angels. There’s more to Rei that meets the eye, however, as it’s later revealed that she has died not only once, but twice — being reincarnated after each demise she faces.


Photo by D.I.S/C Photography

Rei Ayanami received high praises with viewers of the anime, but also amongst waves of cosplayers. All of them have given their special twist on the character, some even putting their own flare on her super plugsuit. Some have branched out a bit farther and turned Rei into something might have have imagined on their own, like a cat for instance. That’s right, a cat — or kitten rather, since she’s totally purrfect in Rachel Nycole‘s cosplay of the character. Not only is she truly adorable but the finer details of Rei’s traditional super plugsuit are prevalent, making this a truly believable take on the girl.