Mercenary Katarina Cosplay Will Make Your Heart Melt

It’s not often you get to see one of your favorite characters come to life but thanks to those who cosplay, that has been able to happen for some time now. Many of you have heard about League of Legends, whether you’re a gamer or not, and are possibly familiar with the champions within the title. Some have gained more praise than others — like Katarina, who seems to be a favorite no matter what skin she’s wearing.


TophWei (t_off) cosplay decided to go with Katarina’s mercenary look and boy, oh boy was that a good decision. One might be so used to seeing her just made of pixels but TophWei (t_off) has brought Katarina to life — making her feel like she’s truly something from this world. While there’s no denying that Katarina can be a tough one, the pose that TophWei (t_off) has chosen for her gives her a softness — one that can be deceiving towards opponents that come her way. This cosplay is essentially perfection, much like TophWei (t_off)’s other works, and deserves a round of applause.