Metal Gear Solid V Quiet Cosplay Looks Fierce


Little is known for sure yet about the silent Metal Gear Solid sniper, Quiet. She has been seen on the trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom pain, being tortured by Ocelot. Though, we know not yet whether she is friend or foe, even though she is the main heroine.


Often the subject of controversy because of her barely there outfit, Quiet was modeled after and motion caption acted by Dutch model Stephanie Joosten. Both Stephanie and MGS creator Hideo Kojima have been on the defensive about people who have negatively commented about the character, saying that once you know why Quiet dresses the way that she does “you’ll be sorry”.


One thing we do know is that cosplayer ToxicHime makes a gorgeous Quiet. She certaintly does the costume justice, and the detail put into her accessories is a welcomed touch. Her attitude and poses perfectly fit the sniper, with a little added smolder.



Photography by Annamaria Quaresima


Written by Guest Contributor: Erica