Metroid-Inspired Axiom Verge Heads to Steam May 14th

A PC release date of May 14th has been announced for the action-adventure title Axiom Verge, developed by Tom Happ and currently available on PlayStation 4. Taking heavy inspiration from titles such as Metroid, Contram Bionic Commando, and others, Axiom Verge follows Trace, a scientist who must explore an ancient, yet futuristic world after sustaining a fatal injury. With the PlayStation 4 version receiving massive critical success, in particular being praised for its difficult yet rewarding difficulty, high replay value, deceptively intriguing story, and high amount of technical ingenuity. In addition to laser guns, mechanized titans, and various items and abilities, Axiom Verge also has the ability to glitch and corrupt the game world itself, breaking reality to solve puzzles and defeat foes.

The PC version will be available through Steam, and will be the same version as on PS4. A PlayStation Vita version has also been announced, however it has still yet to be released. Preorders have yet to be open, although the game does already have a Steam page open with screenshots and trailers.