Metroid’s Samus Aran Gets a Stunning Cosplay

Samus Aran, originating from the Nintendo-created video game series, Metroid, is a video game legend.  Throughout the first game, no one knew what the person inside of the large mechanical suit looked like and assumed the person to b male.  Yet, upon finishing the game and reaching the end credits, it was revealed that Samus was actually a gorgeous, blonde woman.  In a time where female video game frontrunners were few and far between, this was an amazing shock to the gaming community, and Samus remains iconic to this day.


Cosplayer Sbabby Cosplay pays homage to Metroid’s Samus Aran by creating a wonderful cosplay of Samus in her Zero Suit.  Her costume is perfectly created and looks just like Samus’.  Paired with photography work by Dario T-REX Bertozzi Fotografo who is able to give Sbabby’s images a bit of a sci-fi glow, Sbabby was able to put out some amazing Samus cosplay images.  Epic!