A Mind-blowing Miss Martian Cosplay

A pivotal point came in Miss Martian’s life when she made her small screen debut on Young Justice. Unlike the comic of the same name, the Young Justice TV series stars with four young superheroes: Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash and Speedy, each who want to prove their worth to their respective mentors in the Justice League: Batman, Aquaman, Flash and Green Arrow. After Speedy resigns and begins to call himself the Red Arrow, the other three take on a secret mission to prove their worth and stumble upon their new 4th member, Super Boy, a clone of Superman. After meeting with fellow Justice League members, the new team is established in an old hideout of the Justice League. A mysterious 5th member joins the team, Miss Martian, niece of the Martian Manhunter, who has a knack for telekinesis and telepathy.

The true form of the polite martian girl is something out of a horror movie. The tall, lanky martian has an appearance of a bat spliced with a human skeleton. Her long limbs and hunched back give her a terrifying look. Luckily, Miss Martian is a shapeshifter and prefers the form of a green humanoid with red hair.


MangoSirene shapeshifts into the gorgeous young teen, completing her green skintone with a peppering of freckles across her cheeks and the signature choppy, short red hair that is ideal for combat. She dons Miss Martian’s signature black bodysuit with a large red X on it, also something visible on her true martian form, and blue cape that accents her dark costume perfectly.


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Photography by ckdecember.

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Written by Guest Contributor: MissJinxei