Minecraft Oculus Rift Support is “Coming Along Great”, Says John Carmack

John Carmack, the legendary game developer behind such beloved games as Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, is currently working to get the Oculus Rift up and running for games like Minecraft. And according to a recent Tweet by Carmack, it’s coming along smoothly.

Taking a Twitter, Carmack recently said when talking about Minecraft “Post-Connect I have been busy working with @_tomcc and the Microsoft/Mojang team on Minecraft for Oculus. Coming along great!” The plan, as was originally announced at the Oculus Connect 2 conference back in September, is to get the VR headset to work in the Windows 10 version of Minecraft by early 2016. To have Carmack, who left id Software in 2013 to work full time on Oculus Rift, work on this personally is a pretty big deal, and shows how focused Oculus Rift is to getting VR to work in Minecraft.

This is just the latest news concerning the highly popular Minecraft, as recently it was revealed that flying would soon be added into the game as well.