‘Mission Impossible 5’ Stops Shooting While Filmmakers Figure Out an Ending

There are certain things you want to have set up before you begin shooting a feature film. Chief among these is an ending you can be satisfied with, but the filmmakers behind the upcoming Mission Impossible sequel evidently forgot about that.

According to THR, shooting in London for Mission Impossible 5 came to a halt recently after its ending was deemed unsatisfactory. The film’s release was recently pushed forward from Christmas of this year to July 31.

Director Christopher McQuarrie and a writer friend have been given time to pen a new ending for the film while the production is stalled. Stopping a big-budget film mid-shoot is a generally costly endeavor, especially with the release date about five months away.

“Chris, Tom and a third person wanted to take a minute to get from what they thought was a good place to a more perfect place,” an anonymous source told the Hollywood Reporter.