Mistah J Would be More Than Pleased with This Harley Quinn Cosplay

Everyone knows who the infamous Harleen Quinzel is — a former psychologist turned villain sidekick. One might not have expected such a woman to be so taken with the Joker, but he’s charming and manipulative and Harleen Quinzel, who took the name Harley Quinn after leaving her career for her patient. Though it seemed like the quirky thing has a thing for villains, seeing as she’s also best friends with the one and only Poison Ivy. Her love and devotion to those she cares about — even if it’s often misplaced, is quite and admirable trait and she’s more than something to look at. She has a violent temperament, depending on whether or not she’s appearing in animation or comic book, and knows how to use her anger to get what she wants. Harley isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and knows when it’s time to let off in order to show compassion. She did stop Poison Ivy from killing Batman, instead urging her to leave the vigilante as he was.


Seeing as she’s one of the most popular characters in both animation and comic book, people have taken to loving the woman — quirks and all. Besides, who can’t help but want to be like her? Despite how Joker can treat her she’s still good deep down, and loves with her whole heart. There have been numerous takes on Harley Quinn but some are just better than others — no offense to those out there who have taken on the woman. Rayi Cosplay has done an amazing job as Harley Quinn and there’s no denying that she’s quite adorable in doing so.


Photography by VW