Misty the Water Pokémon Trainer Really Makes a Splash in Epic Cosplay


Many will know Misty as the Cerulean City Gym leader from Pokémon. Appearing in Pokémon Red and Blue as the second gym leader the player will encounter, she specializes in water type pokémon. In the animated series, Misty becomes a main character and travels around with Ash and Brock. With bright orangey-red hair and a spunky attitude, she is a loveable character and fan favorite.


Macy Rose brings Misty to life in a marvelous cosplay. With perfectly colored hair pulled back into Misty’s signature side ponytail, Macy Rose is simply gorgeous. With a yellow cropped shirt and shorts adorned with red suspenders, the costume is flawless. The photos make the world of Pokémon very realistic. With a nature setting, Macy Rose alternates between holding a pokéball and a Togépi plush doll. Misty came to be Togépi’s trainer when it hatched and thought Misty was its mother. Misty only battled with Togépi once, preferring to carry it around in her arms, as Macy Rose exemplifies.



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